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 M: RH ZW3

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M: RH ZW3 Empty
ViestiAihe: M: RH ZW3   M: RH ZW3 EmptySu 16 Syys 2018 - 18:48


I'm selling two piece RH ZW3 rims.
The measurements:

Two: 17x8" ET42
Two: 17x8" ET48

Bolt pattern: 5x112

Haven't seen those rims for sale in a long time so now is the chance to get them.
Rims are in a good shape.One rim is missing a cap but i think it's not a deal breaker. New owner can paint them and add wider lip to make them even more good looking.

The price is 475 € or make your reasonable offer.
Rims are located in Tallinn, Estonia.

IF someone needs more pictures, hit me up and I will send.
Also you can call +37256600038 ENG/EST only
M: RH ZW3 Img_2011
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